Vincent Estate Liquidation and Sales, LLC is a full service business that prepares and liquidates entire or partial estates. We will value, research, inventory items of value and price the items in an estate before they are offered for sale to the public. In order to properly value items we often use a variety of dealers and interior designers to appraise the contents. We offer customized sale durations depending on the volume of items to be sold. Vincent Estate Sales, LLC works with the real estate agent and the client so that a property can be offered for sale quickly. On-site quotes are available free of charge and with no obligation.

Estate Sales

Our goal is to sell the contents of an estate to empty the house so that it can be sold. Each sale is unique and we understand the important of conducting a sale quickly.

Cleanup Services

We also offer clean-out services and quick interior work such as paintings, carpet removal, and installation as well as yard clean-up.